Workstation Queries-“Dear Rita”- Series

Dear Rita,

I work 80% from my home office anyways even before the pandemic and I just moved into our new place in Germany. I work in a creative job and I don’t feel very inspired. I have lots of fabric samples and shoe samples that are just sitting on my desk next to my laptop and a bunch of binders.

Every time I clean off my desk (the samples just move under the table) it’s a mess 10 minutes later. 

1. How can I organize my samples so I can use them easily but not make a huge mess every time? 

2. How can I make my space more creative or inspiring?


From an Uninspired Fashionista

Dear Uninspired Fashionista,

Let’s get you inspired!

First off I love your questions.  So far when we have been speaking of working from home, either myself, other bloggers or the local news, we have been doing so on a very basic necessity level; which we all need but we need to dive deeper.  Every career or job has particular requirements. You like myself require a space that allows us to work from sketch, to manipulating samples, then to CAD. And our space needs to be an embodiment of our individual processes.  We need our walls and horizontal work surfaces to be more than functional; they need to be inspiring! We need storage, open desk space, access to natural light, good and beautiful artificial light and we need to manipulate our space during our process but be able to put everything back in its “home” at the end of our day.

Looking at your makeshift workspace I have a few suggestions that will help in this time period.  But it also looks like this space could be your permanent work space going forward.  

The window/skylight you have is amazing!  Architecturally it feels like a designers’ space! We just need to organize it and add in the inspiring touches. 

Your desk is full of paper, binders and samples.  Everything needs a home- it’s kind of my motto on all spaces.  Your desk is an open base which makes sense due to the location of the radiator and the electrical.  But could you add a return on to the calendar wall. Look for a narrower – 12” to 15” deep shelf and perhaps a shelf bracket to attach to the wall to create the return.  That could be your binder storage. Use a sample pair of shoes as bookends. I bought a pair of shoes on trip once and they were too pretty to wear so they became a beautiful sculptural part of my bookcase that always reminded me of a wonderful trip. I would add hooks below this return surface for fabric samples to be hung on.  Alternatively you could find a clothes dryer system to put/place samples on. Or a ladder that could be mounted to the wall and samples hung on the rungs. For shoe’s, create a shelf on the window wall below the desk specifically for shoe storage. Or is there a piece of furniture with doors on it that could act as your sample closet.  Is there a closet in that room that you could modify for fabric, shoes or patterns?

Also what does the rest of the room look like?  Is there a beautiful light fixture that could be added.  What about a lounging chair and ottoman with a side table with storage, so that you could grab your laptop, cup of coffee and review work from a more casual setting?

Another element to add to your space is color.  That same wall that has the calendar on it is begging for color; now this could be paint, wall paper or even a framed piece of fabric that you love. I am sure over the years and even in your move, you as a fashion designer have collected vintage fabrics and they hold true to your heart.   

I would also add pictures in frames of family and friends along with tearsheets from magazines.  Create an area strictly for inspiration; it could be a cork board on the wall and use that as a live ever changing mood board. Do you have a Judy or even bust form that could be integrated into the space?  An easel even though we are not painters, could be set in the corner with your sketchbook. Again it’s about adding whimsy to creative spaces. I would also add a rug for texture centered in the room. Part of creating an inspiring space is that even before you walk into the room, let say standing at the doorway, it needs to give you a sense of awe.  It needs to be a vignette of your personal workspace. Then by the time you sit down, you are already inspired. Included are some inspiration images of creative offices and some of the sample organizational methods. But in this #stayhome time period, look around your house for what could be up-cycled for inspiration!



Soma Interiors 

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Soma Interiors is looking for engagement as on our blog posts.  And we are here to try to assist you in your specific needs. DM me on Instagram or leave a reply with you specific questions and we will provide suggestions in the form of #designertipoftheday or further blog posts.  If you want a more indepth consultation of your personal workspace we can set up a virtual consultation. #hireadesigner #virtualconsultation #supportlocal #smallbusinesswinnipeg #helpingeachotherintimesofneed

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